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Chef Sara Moulton Shows You How To Revive Old Loaf Of Bread (Video)

Sometimes we buy too many groceries and end up wasting money when food is thrown in the trash. But this segment from an episode of the Rachel Ray Show will help you make stale bread as fresh as when you first bought it.

Chef Sara Moulton joins Rachel Ray in the kitchen to reveal a tip for reviving a rock solid loaf, according to Reshareworthy.

She runs the baguette under cold water and wraps it in tin foil. She then puts it in the cold oven to heat it for about 12-15 minutes.

It’s not the only tip Moulton shared. She also shows viewers how to save parts of a molded block of cheese and then rewrap it.

Nearly 40 percent of food ready for consumption goes to waste in the United States, according to the San Francisco Globe, citing the Society of St. Andrew. The country also spends about $1 billion disposing of food waste.

Moulton’s tips are great ways to save food and money.

Check out the video below:

Sources: Reshareworthy, SF Globe / Photo Credit: N i c o l aTim Pierce/Flickr Creative Commons


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