Cheerleading Stripping Game Leads to Police Investigation

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A stripping game called “Judge and Jury” at a cheerleading coach’s home in Georgia has led to a police investigation and outcry by local high school students. The coach in question has now resigned from her job.

The SmokingGun reports that a student told school administrators at Lovejoy High School about a July 18 sleepover where students reportedly stripped down to their undergarments in front of the coach.

According to reports, students would answer a series of questions. If the coach felt that they failed to answer truthfully, she offered them two options: strip off a piece of clothing or run the school’s track.

The unidentified student told administrators the coach was always the “judge,” forcing the kids to only play the “jury.”  She mentions closing her eyes when someone would “remove all their clothing.”  

As the investigation continues, Sheriff deputies have raised the possibility that “the incident involving minors was video taped.” 


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