Cheerleader Struck By Stray Bullet During Practice, Cops Clueless As To Who Fired Shot


A cheerleader at Goose Creek High School was sitting in the bleachers during cheer practice Tuesday evening, when she felt what she late described as “very painful, heavy slap" on her wrist.

There was no one around. She looked down at her wrist and it was bleeding. No one cold figure out the cause, but her coach took her to get first aid. But when the girl’s father came to pick her up, he took her to nearby Trident Hospital.

Doctors X-rayed her painful wrist and there they found it. A bullet.

The cheerleader was shot.

There was gunshot heard or reported. The bleachers sit across the road from a small wooded area. A trailer park in nearby. But investigators still can’t figure out where the bullet came from.

The injured cheerleader is home with her family. Sheriff’s deputies have stepped up patrols aroudn teh high school, just in case, and investigators still want to figure out where the shot came from. Otherwise, they are currently treating the bullet as a stray.

Student reactions ranged from indifferent to excited.

“We all thought, ‘Wow, a gunshot,’” enthused Neil Sequi, a senior at Goose Creek. “Gunshots usually don’t happen around here.”

“It didn’t really affect our schooling much,” said another Matthew Calvert. “We were hoping we’d get out of school today when we got the phone call.”

Though to some the unsolved shooting of a schoolmate represented a hoped-for day off, students organized a get-well card for the wounded cheerleader.

“We’re all worried about what happened to her, but nobody thinks it was intentional,” said Megan Grant, another senior.

Police have no suspects in the shooting.

SOURCES: Charleston Post and Courier, WCSC TV


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