Check Out This Little Boy’s Guide To Picking Up Women (Photo)


Certain people are born with the innate ability to understand women. For them, approaching a female and not stammering or finding a way to put their foot in their mouth is a lot easier than it is for the general population.

This little boy is one of those people.

Recently, he was asked for his opinion on the secret to picking up girls. Reddit user illallowit_ posted his wisdom for all to see.

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"First: Talk to her, ask her name.
Next: Make sure she is not my cousin.
Then: Ask her to go for a walk to the sandbar.
Last: Then walk her home and say good night. Then do it all over again."

Beginning with the fact that he titled it, “How To Pick Up Checks” and ending with the fact that the kid concluded his guide by saying, “Then do it all over again,” this list is pretty perfect.

Sources: Huffington Post, Reddit


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