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Check Out This Awesome Cow Who's Convinced That She's A Dog (Video)

An adorable cow named Milkshake thinks she’s a dog thanks to the interaction between her and her best furry friend, Riley.

Beth DiCaprio says she took Milkshake in after an animal hoarder kept her in a tiny cage for the beginning of her life. At that point, however, Milkshake had had no interaction with any other cows, so when she met DiCaprio’s dog Riley, the two quickly became friends. Now, Milkshake follows DiCaprio around in the same way Riley does.

“When Milkshake first arrived at the ranch she didn't even know what grass was,” said DiCaprio. “I spent a lot of time with her so I became her first friend and she started to follow me everywhere. Milkshake is still not convinced she is a cow and has never been a fan of grazing. I think she thinks it's pointless finding her own food when she can wait on us bringing it to her in a bowl, like her dog friends. She follows me around all day long, just like my dogs - she comes and watches me tend to all the other animals. She's even followed me into the bathroom before, although she was a little scared of her own reflection."

The Grace Foundation, which is home to hundreds of animals that need a second chance at life, has been housing Milkshake for some time, and although the compound consists mostly of dogs, DiCaprio says that everybody has fallen in love with their prized cow.

“Everyone loves Milkshake,” said DiCaprio. “She's certainly one of a kind.”


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