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Woman Caught With Lover Flees Naked

A woman allegedly having an affair with a married man was forced to flee naked through the streets of a Russian city.

The unnamed redhead was spotted by a number of passers-by, who took photos of the unusual incident, according to Mirror.

Reports say she had to jump from a window after the wife of the man she was sleeping with returned home unexpectedly.

Not everyone was convinced by this version of events. One eye-witness thought the woman was made to walk naked in the street because she had lost a bet.

Others alleged she was an alcoholic.

“Maybe she just really wanted to have sex and simply went out on the hunt like that being completely desperate,” user KKT suggested, according to Mirror.

“If she was running away from her lover’s place, surely she would have definitely grabbed something to cover herself with,” the user added.

The woman was also seen running to catch a tram in broad daylight, Daily Mail reported.

No information was available on what happened between the married man and his wife.

Perm, the city in Russia where the incident took place, has average temperatures of around 60 degrees in June, so the woman would have likely cooled down quickly.

Sources: Mirror, Daily Mail / Photo credit: CEN via Daily Mail​

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