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Cheater Ivan Lewis Needs 10K ‘Likes’ On Facebook For Wife To Take Him Back

Sonya Gore caught her husband cheating on her and had a completely normal reaction to his indiscretion. Instead of divorcing him or asking him to seek help, she had Ivan Lewis put up a Facebook photo of himself holding a sign that reads "I cheated on my wife!!! (and she was ugly!!!)"

Just kidding.

The real story is that Lewis and Gore have been separated for a number of years because of his cheating and the online apology is his attempt to get her to take him back. According to the caption that accompanies the photo, “Sonya Gore said I got to get 10,000 [likes] before she take me back."

He currently has almost 6,000 likes and also has had a fair share of jokes made at his expense, Gawker reported.

“She must have some good p***y cause ain't noway in hell i would be making an ass out of myself on fb to show her that i love her go on maury and take the test to show her u ain't cheating nomore,” wrote one commenter.

“U on tha map now....when u get the 10g likes. somebody going to want to give yall a reality show so you can have tht big wedding .....#u done went global ..” wrote another.

“Well Ivan I guess I will give this a like u and my sis have had ur ups and downs but everyday isn't gonna be sunshine so make sure u covered by the storm and keep ur umbrella on stand by because there are rainy days yet to come u and sissy hang in there and keep them blockers on for the haterZ,” wrote Gore’s sister, Kimberly.

Gore actually came to his defense as well. “It takes a man to do what he has done he gotta here all the jokes from his so called friends an family an he set that a side to prove his love for me what girl would not want that?” she wrote.

Sources: Gawker, Facebook


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