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Cheap Man Drives Over Frozen Yellow River In China To Avoid 50 Cent Toll Bridge

No one likes to pay a toll road fee. One driver, however, takes the word cheap to a whole new level.

A man in China was about to come across a 50 cent toll bridge when he decided to drive straight onto the ice of the Yellow River instead. You know, to save some money. 

He started on the frozen body of water cautiously at first, but then decided to go all for it when he realized he could make the crossing.

Witnesses looked on and photographed the scene as the unidentified man crossed the river in a matter of ten minutes.

The nearest road crossing is the Jingsang Expressway, according to the Daily Mail. Tolls are common in China and usually run between 50 cents to a dollar.

The 5,464 km Yellow River runs through nine Chinese provinces and two autonomous regions, ending at the Bohai Sea in Shandong Province in China.

Its name comes from the golden-colored minerals that can be found in the river.

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Source: Daily Mail


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