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Charlotte Taskforce Recommends All Male, All Black K-12 School

Schools in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, N.C., are taking a moment to reevaluate things.

According to WBTV, district superintendent Dr. Heath Morrison has taken steps to confront serious problems in the education system. Of the 22 task forces Morrison created, one is tasked with addressing recurring problems of the black male youth. In the Charlotte-Mecklenburg district during last year alone, 20,000 black males were given short-term suspensions while 3,000 white males were given the same punishment.

The discrepancy was one motivating for the task force to recommend the founding of a new, all male, all black school.

Proponents argue that such a school would be safer and foster greater empathy.

“The African-American male wouldn’t have to argue over females,” said rising ninth grader George Whitley. “And we can just get along and relate to each other. We wouldn’t have to worry about insults and racism.”

However, the school may encounter some legal troubles. Mary McCray, chairperson of the school board, argues, “If we are going to have an all-black school, all-male school then we must create an all-female school because of Title IX.” On the one hand, an all-male school might alleviate some tension. On the other hand, the presence of girls might have a mollifying effect on adolescent boys.

This is to say nothing of the troubles of implementing a one-race school program when students of other races apply from the surrounding area. Some have raised concerns of a return to segregation.

The proposal is still being discussed.

Sources: News One, WBTV


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