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Charlotte Jones Shoots Self in Police Station After Terminal Diagnosis

A woman from Michigan who was diagnosed with terminal throat cancer committed suicide on Saturday when she went into a police station and shot herself. 

Charlotte Jones, 59, of Oak Park, entered Oak Park Public Safety station at 5 pm and put a .38-caliber revolver in her mouth and pulled the trigger. 

Jones wrote a suicide note and placed it in her pocket. 

"The note basically said she had enough and wanted to end it because of her illness," Oak Park Lt. Samantha Kretzschmar said. 

The last three words of the note were "enough is enough."

She did not say anything in the lobby before she killed herself. 

Two people were present when she shot herself. They heard the gunshot but they did not directly witness the suicide. 

They attempted to resuscitate her, but she was later taken to Providence Hospital and announced dead. 



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