Watch: 4-Foot Snake Gulps Down Egg In Couple's Kitchen (Video)

A couple from Charlotte, North Carolina, say they were horrified and fascinated when they walked into their kitchen on Sunday evening and found a 4-foot rat snake had slithered out from their spice cabinet to eat from an egg basket on their counter. 

Robert Hildreth and Laura Neff recorded the snake as it wrapped its jaw around an egg and began to devour it, the Charlotte Observer reports (video posted below). They told the Charlotte Observer that they heard a noise in the kitchen at around 6 p.m. on Sunday and went to investigate — which was when they discovered a cinnamon jar had been knocked to the floor by the large black snake. They managed to videotape the snake consuming the entire egg and then posted the clip on Facebook, where it quickly went viral. 

The couple, who live between uptown Charlotte and Mountain Island Lake, trapped the snake between two brooms and brought it outside unharmed before releasing it, reports WCNC. They say they discovered a hole in their laundry room that they believe allowed the snake to gain access to their home and have since covered it with "a VERY heavy concrete brick."

Sources: Charlotte Observer, WCNC

Photo Credit: YouTube.com


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