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Report: Charlie Sheen's Plane Lands For Drug Inspection

Actor Charlie Sheen reportedly had to land his private plane so federal authorities could complete a drug search.

A source told RadarOnline that the former "Two And A Half Men" star was making his way back from Mexico and was instructed to land in San Diego.

"Charlie was on his private plane coming back from Cabo San Lucas, where he'd been on a bender, and had to stop in San Diego for inspection," the source said.

Sheen allegedly complied with federal authorities and his plane and bags were thoroughly searched.

The officers "took all the bags off the plane, and had drug-sniffing dogs go through the plane and bags," according to the source.

There was reportedly a brief scare in which one of the dogs thought he had found drugs in one of the suitcases.

"A dog sniffed around one of the suitcases on the tarmac," said the source. "The dog scratched on the case, and it was opened, but it was a false alarm."

Following the inspection, Sheen was reportedly able to continue the rest of his trip as planned.

Sheen's representatives and San Diego customs officials have yet to release a statement on the incident, notes the Daily Mail. 

The 51-year-old star lives in a retirement community in Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico. He owns three houses next to each other. 

Sheen's real estate agent, Scott Weier, said the actor will only live in the middle property, using the other two houses as a privacy barrier. Weier says the house Sheen lives in is quite modest, and reflects his desire to leave the glitz and glamor of Hollywood behind.

"He told me he's planning on living here full time, he's tired of the rat race of the United States and his life the way it is," said Weier. "He wants to do something a bit different. He's looking for a change. Compared to what he has in Los Angeles, it's very humble and simple."

The agent added, "He's certainly not coming here to impress anyone with a huge mansion on the ocean."

Sheen paid less than $1 million for all three houses, a fraction of the cost of his three houses in the gated community in Beverly Hills.

"He's looking for things to be much quieter and simple. He's a nice guy. From what I can tell he's learned a lot from his mistakes and he wants not just to change his address but to change his life," said Weier.

"He doesn't drink as much anymore, and he even joked about that with me. When I've been with him he's only had one beer or so. He wants normalcy and peace."

Sources: Daily Mail, RadarOnline / Photo credit: Angela George/Wikimedia Commons

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