Waiter Who Got 20-Cent Tip From LeSean McCoy Offered $1,000 From Charlie Sheen


Charlie Sheen offered up $1,000 to a Philadelphia waiter, after the man was given a 20-cent tip for a $61.56 meal purchased by Eagles running back LeSean McCoy.

The “Anger Management” star offered up the gift after burger joint PYT posted a photo of the receipt and measly tip on their Facebook page on Monday.

“New record!” the restaurant sarcastically wrote.

On Tuesday, the restaurant posted about McCoy and his companions a second time, noting that they had been verbally abusive and insulting. After being served his meal, McCoy reportedly said: “What is this s**t?”

Rob Knelly, the group’s waiter, said he wasn’t surprised by the tip because of their behavior.

“Please tell Rob K I’m pledging 1000 dollars to him for the tip debacle just wanna help,” Sheen tweeted on Wednesday.

PYT owner Tommy Up tweeted a photo of Sheen’s offer on Wednesday, calling Sheen an American hero and a gentleman.

In response to the negative publicity, McCoy, who signed a five year contract with the Eagles for $45 million, called the issue “bulls**t” and declined to elaborate.

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Sources: NY Daily News, TMZ


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