Charleston Shooting Suspect Dylann Storm Roof Captured

Multiple sources are reporting that Charleston church shooting suspect Dylann Storm Roof has been arrested nearly 250 miles from the site of the shooting.

The 21-year-old who is suspected of murdering 9 people at Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, was apprehended in Shelby, North Carolina, not long after his identity was confirmed publicly, according to WLTX.

Earlier today, a law enforcement source confirmed to Opposing Views that Roof was the primary suspect in the shooting that claimed the lives of nine people on Monday.  

So far, Roof has been "cooperative," according to Charleston Police Chief Greg Mullen. Police also reportedly found the gun in Roof's vehicle.

Little is known about Roof at this point, but according to his social media profiles he is a graduate of White Knoll High School in Columbia, South Carolina.

This story is still breaking, so more information will be reported as it comes in.

Source: WLTX, KFOR

Photo Source: Lexington County Sheriff's Dept., Facebook via Charleston Police Dept.


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