Charles Ramsey's History of Domestic Violence Uncovered After Rescue of Cleveland Women

A Cleveland dishwasher being labeled as a hero for his role in the dramatic rescue of three women is actually a convicted felon who served prison time on a number of various domestic assault convictions.

Charles Ramsey, 43, has garnered national spotlight in recent days after phoning 911 on Monday evening to report a woman in distress. Following the rescue of the three women – all of whom had been missing for roughly a decade – subsequent interviews with national media outlets transformed Ramsey into a viral sensation.

Despite telling authorities he acted because he “figured it’s a domestic violence dispute” and because “he was raised to help women in distress,” the Cleveland man’s rap sheet certainly indicates otherwise.

According to a recent report by The Smoking Gun, court records indicate Ramsey was previously convicted on three separate counts of domestic violence – some of which resulted in prison time.

The dishwasher’s first charge came in 1997 after he entered a no contest plea to assaulting his wife at their Cleveland-area home. Additionally, Ramsey was arrested just one year later – while awaiting sentencing for the first charge – on another count of domestic violence against his wife.

The misdemeanor charges were eventually consolidated and in August of 1998 Ramsey was sentenced to six months in jail, five years of probation, and ordered to attend a domestic violence counseling program.

However, Ramsey’s problems didn’t end there.

After being released from jail, Ramsey was once again arrested for domestic violence against his wife.

Due to his previous altercations with his wife, Ramsey was slapped with a felony domestic violence charge based on his prior convictions. For the felony charge, Ramsey was ordered to serve eight months in prison and abide by strict post-release guidelines

Ramsey’s former wife, Rochelle, said in their 2003 divorce complaint that her former husband was guilty of “gross neglect of duty” and "extreme cruelty.”

Ramsey, who’s now barred from his wife and daughter via a court-ordered protective order, also has criminal convictions for drug abuse, criminal trespassing, and receiving stolen property. 

Sources: The Smoking Gun, Hip Hop World


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