Charles Manson's Rolling Stone Cover, Hitler and Stalin on Time


While controversy continues to swirl about accused Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev appearing on the cover of the latest Rolling Stone cover, there seems to be a sort of national amnesia that Charles Manson also appeared on the magazine's cover.

On Manson's 1970 cover, the headline read: "The Incredible Story of the Most Dangerous Man Alive," notes the Tampa Bay Times.

If Tsarnaev looks like a "rock star," Manson's Rolling Stone could have been an album cover.

Other villains in history have also appeared in complimentary magazine covers. Hitler (1933) was given a lovely portrait by Time magazine as was Stalin (1945). 

CVS pharmacy has decided not to sell the current issue of Rolling Stone featuring the Boston Marathon bombing suspect, which many people have applauded. However, CVS will continue to sell prescription drugs at 450 percent mark-up above Costco prices, but there does not seem to be much outrage over the enormous price gouging.

Inside the Rolling Stone featuring Tsarnaev, there is a fascinating story about a normal teen gone very wrong by Janet Reitman, but it is likely to be ignored by those who cannot get past the cover.

Sources: Tampa Bay Times,,

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