Charles Manson's Girlfriend, 25, Wants to Marry Him


Charles Manson, 79, may be getting married to a 25-year-old woman named "Star."

“I’ll tell you straight up, Charlie and I are going to get married,” Star recently told Rolling Stone. “When that will be, we don’t know. But I take it very seriously. Charlie is my husband.”

“People can think I’m crazy,” added Star. “But they don’t know. This is what’s right for me. This is what I was born for.”

However, Manson is in no rush to get married.

"Oh that," said Manson. "That's a bunch of garbage. You know that, man. That's trash. We're just playing that for public consumption."

Star says she has been visiting Manson at California's Corcoran State Prison since she was 19.

She even moved to Corcoran, Calif. to be closer to her beloved, who is serving a life sentence for plotting the infamous Tate-LaBianca murders in 1969, notes the New York Post.

Manson, who has spent 44 years in jail, now walks with a cane and wears chipped dentures.

As a demonstration of her love for Manson, Star carved an "X" on her forehead as many female members of Manson's "family" did decades ago.

Star bears a weird resemblance to Susan Atkins, who took part in the grisly murders and died in prison in 2009.

However, the young woman has nothing but contempt for Atkins.

"That b----- was f------ crazy," said Star. "She was a crazy f------ whore. 'Oh Charlie, I did this for you.' She didn't know what she was doing."

Sources: New York Post and Rolling Stone


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