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Charles Manson Said He Was In Good Health Before Death

Charles Manson Said He Was In Good Health Before Death Promo Image

Charles Manson told his friend he was in good health shortly before dying -- and reportedly expressed remorse in his final words.

A man identified only as Gurecki uploaded a conversation between himself and Manson to YouTube, The Sun reported. In the recording, Manson is heard saying he is "solid as a rock" and feeling "pretty good."

According to Gurecki, the recording is the last taped call of Manson before he was taken to the hospital. In the recording, Gurecki is heard asking Manson "What's happening?"

"Solid as a rock, solid as a soul... roll wheel, roll," Manson is heard responding. Manson then says is he feeling "pretty good."

At one point, Manson is heard lamenting about an unknown package.

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"The small people that are trying to get big they tear everything up that we struggled for," Manson says. "We did all this on death row, that's what the package was all about, but the cowards gave the package to the other side because they won't stand up for our side."

"You learn a lot in jail, you don't tell somebody I'm gonna beat your a**, unless you can do it and get away with it... you say you're gonna beat they're a** and you can't and they beat your a** for saying that," Manson continues. "Don't be faking, that's it I don't like lying. I mean I can lie like anyone else, but I know it doesn't do me no good."

CR Wallace, otherwise known as Red Wolf, said he also spoke with Manson regularly. He told The Sun that Manson had recently gone to the hospital a few times for "tests and procedures."

"The policy of the prison prohibits revealing of inmate health conditions and medical histories ... Sadly, Charlie's friends and associates are essentially left in the dark until he finds an opportunity to tell us himself, which is not easily done," said Wallace, who is a member of the pro-Manson environmental group ATWA. "He has no access to phone usage while in the hospital, and the CDCR does not allow visitation while inmates are outside of prison grounds."

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Wallace said recent reports that Manson was suffering from a deadly heart problem were "false and unsubstantiated."

"No one outside prison administration and hospital staff has communication with [Manson] currently," Wallace said at the time. "The person, who gave all those grossly exaggerated and overtly morbid statements, has not had contact with Charlie for some time, to the best of our assessment.

"Heart failure is not a known condition affecting [his] health ... The last associate and close friend to converse with Charlie was [fellow ATWA member Black Wolf], who visited him two Saturdays ago."

Wallace added that Manson did not fear death.

Manson was serving a life sentence for the murders of actress Sharon Tate and six others. He was initially sentenced to death, but that sentence was later converted to nine life sentences.

According to the Weekly Observer, Manson whispered he was sorry for what he caused shortly before dying. He was 83.

Sources: The Sun, Weekly Observer / Featured Image: Babak  Farrokhi/Flickr / Embedded Images: California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Mitch Hell/Flickr

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