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Charles Barkley Offers 'Controversial' Take On Eric Garner (Video)

Charles Barkley spoke out this week about the death of Eric Garner.

According to the New York Daily News, Barkley weighed in on Garner’s death during an interview with CNN when he suggested that the idea of white cops actively seeking out ways to murder black people is ridiculous.

“The notion that white cops are out there just killing black people is ridiculous,” he said. “It’s flat-out ridiculous.”

Garner died on July 17 after a violent arrest for illegally selling loose cigarettes. People on the scene captured the entire altercation on video, and the clip quickly went viral. A medical examiner ultimately ruled the death a homicide, but Barkley seemed to disagree with that assessment.

“I don’t think that was a homicide,” he told CNN. “I think the cops were trying to arrest him and they got a little aggressive. I think excessive force — something like that — but to go straight to murder?

“Brooke, when the cops are trying to arrest you, if you fight back, things go wrong. I don’t think they were trying to kill Mr. Garner. He was a big man and they were trying to get him down.”

Despite his own brushes with the law, Barkley also had nothing but praise for law enforcement in general.

“Cops are absolutely awesome,” he said. “They’re the only thing in the ghetto (separating this place) from this place being the wild, wild west.”

Barkley’s main point seemed to be that these cases should be judged on a standalone basis, not simply because of the victim’s race.

Source: New York Daily News / Photo Credit: Screenshot


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