Charity Seeks Foster Homes for Adult Undocumented Immigrants (Video)


Catholic Charities is seeking foster homes for child and adult undocumented immigrants.

"Most of our children are 15 to 17-years-old, but some stay in our program until they are 22-years-old," a spokesperson for Catholic Charities recently told "If they're still working on getting their high school diploma, they can stay until they're that age."

Catholic Charities told that "unaccompanied children crossing the border have to obtain a qualified legal status (asylee or Special Immigrant Juvenile Status) in order to remain in the program after turning 18."

The foster families are reimbursed for each undocumented immigrant they take in via Catholic Charities, which is funded by the U.S. government.

Undocumented immigrants are eligible for public education, health care and transportation.

According to Catholic Charities, "Foster youth receive a minimum monthly allowance for their chores that is taken from the foster parent's monthly reimbursement. It's not an additional amount of money. The intention of the allowance is to teach children and young adults to be fiscally responsible."

The flood of undocumented immigrants has caused outrage in Collin County, Tx., where over 100 residents crowded into a public meeting yesterday (video below).

There is no current plan to ship undocumented immigrants to Colin County, but the residents want a resolution passed to keep the immigrants out, even though it is actually the federal government's decision.

According to CBS Dallas-Fort Worth some people's comments included:

"These are people that work for drug lords, they're drug dealers."

“What we see is not immigration, but an invasion, a deliberate invasion.”

“Don’t force our community, our county to do this. Do it on your own."

“America is dying. Lazy, uneducated moochers and parasites have infested this nation, and they are rapidly becoming the majority.”

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