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DA Dismisses Charges Against Man Who Slapped Woman In F Train (Video)

The man who was filmed slapping a woman on the F train in New York City after she and her friends reportedly harassed him about his outdated clothing and then assaulted him will not be charged for a crime.

Jorge Pena, 25, says if he saw Danay Howard, the 21-year-old woman who he accused of verbally and physically assaulting him on the train at 4:20 a.m. Friday, he would apologize, reports the New York Daily News.

“A man is never supposed to hit a girl,” the 6-foot-6 bouncer and father said.

Pena, who is from the Dominican Republic, says he doesn’t know Howard or her friends, who can be seen cheering as the young woman insults the man’s 8-ball jacket and fur hat. He says he was returning home on the subway after a 12-hour work shift when the woman began commenting on his clothing.

Howard appears to be egging Pena on, at which point Pena says he tried to walk past her and called her a “bitch.” She then began hitting him in the back of the head until the moment Pena is caught on video turning around and slapping her in the face – something prosecutors say he did out of “self-defense.”

“She put me in a position that I had no choice,” Pena said. “She tried to kill me.”

After the slap, a group of people jumped in and got involved in the brawl, causing complete pandemonium on the subway.

Pena says another woman jumped on him and hit him with her clutch purse. The entire episode was filmed by a bystander and the video quickly went viral, garnering over 650,000 views in just a few days, reports Opposing Views.

The District Attorney reviewed the tape of the incident and dismissed the case on Monday in Manhattan Criminal Court.

Pena’s attorney says he is planning to sue the city over the unfair arrest. He and two women and a man involved in the brawl were arrested Saturday morning. Pena had to go to the hospital, where he was treated with stitches near his ear and nose.

“I have never been in trouble before. I’ve never slapped someone,” Pena said. “I am quiet man … I respect women. That’s why I don’t do nothing when she pushed me but when she hit me I had to do something. I had no choice.”

Source: New York Daily News, Opposing Views

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