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Deputy Steals Medical Marijuana Card; Dispensary Owner Charged

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By "CannaBob" If you ask me, the wrong person was arrested here.  Again, this is an example of why we need to concentrate and focus our efforts on complete legalization.  As long as they can, law enforcement will try to discourage any activities concerning cannabis.  We’ve got our foot in the door with 15 medical states plus DC.  Let’s kick the door open with full legalization.

( Prosecutors have dropped drug dealing, cultivation and possession charges against a medical marijuana dispensary owner in which a Calaveras County sheriff’s deputy used a legitimate — but stolen — medical marijuana card to induce the man to sell him cannabis.

His arrest on January 4, 2010, prompted protests by medical marijuana patients and providers. At the time, he was operating K Care Collective, a medicinal cannabis dispensary.  Calaveras County Sheriff’s Deputy Steve Avila, also known as “that sleazy piece of shit,” posed as a legitimate medical marijuana patient named Robert Shaffer of Ione, California, and contacted him seeking to buy cannabis.

Deputy Avila had “gained possession” (I guess that’s what they call stealing when a deputy does it?) of Shaffer’s medical marijuana card in late 2009 during an earlier drug case against Shaffer. Deputy Avila then proceeded to falsify the birthdate on the card to persuade Smith to sell him marijuana.


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