Chaperone Says Teen Was Kicked Out Of Prom Because Dress ‘Was Right Below Her Butt’

A week after a Virginia teenager made headlines for claiming she was kicked out of her senior prom for homeschool students because dads were “ogling” her and her prom dress caused boys to think “impure thoughts,” a chaperone at the dance is speaking out against the teen.

Clare Ettinger wrote a post on her sister’s blog about the May 10 dance, saying that she was asked to leave the Richmond Homeschool Prom because of her provocative dress and dancing.

Clare says that her skirt was within dress code, falling below her fingertips, and that she wasn’t even dancing when she was kicked out.

But Ann Duncan, who volunteered at the dance, told WTVR that she saw Clare’s dress and disputed that it was long enough and denies that the dads were ogling her.

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She says even though Clare’s dress met the “fingertip length” requirement when she arrived, the stretchy spandex caused it to ride up as the event continued.

"It was right below her butt cheeks by the time I saw her," Duncan, whose children are also home-schooled, said.

Duncan also argued against Clare’s comments that dad chaperones on a balcony were staring at her, because the dance was too crowded.

"There were 500 kids there so to be able to even say what they were looking at would have been very difficult,” she told the TV station.

Clare and her boyfriend, James, responded in a new YouTube video that “When the lady kicked me out, they said the dads complained about my dancing and that meant that they had to have been watching me.”

"The dads did make me uncomfortable at the prom," she said, "Because there were so many of them, and they were doing nothing but sitting there watching everybody.”

But she doesn’t think they meant any harm, saying in the video: "I don't personally think the dads were sitting there being perverts.”

Clare, James, and the group of friends who walked out of the prom with them in support have not received refunds they were promised.


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