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Chaos Takes Hold of Minn. Neighborhood After Woman Shoots Daughter and Flees

A mother in North St. Paul, Minn. was on the run after shooting her 18-year-old daughter in the leg, prompting a SWAT team sweep of the neighborhood to track her down.

In an incident that Police Capt. Dustin Nikituk was “fueled by alcohol,” 35-year-old Tonya Hale Raleigh shot her teenage daughter one time during an argument early Sunday morning.

 "There was an argument and a gun was pulled and a bad decision was made,” Nitauk said.

According to a neighbor, the wounded girl, Aleesea Anderson, managed to run out of the apartment with her boyfriend. The two made it about a block before Anderson collapsed.

"She fell to the ground," said a witness. "He called 911 and told 911 his girlfriend had been shot." 

Police arrived at Anderson’s location, bringing a SWAT team with them. Raleigh was still at large somewhere in the area.

The cops evacuated the apartment building where the shooting took place, with residents waiting in the shelter of buses on a bitterly cold winter morning. The East Metro SWAT team used robots to search out the building, but still did not find their suspect. Police issued a “pickup-and-hold” warrant for her arrest.

"I would have never expected to wake up, to have a huge gun hang out of my window, and police in military uniform in my kitchen," Jaci Glines, a building resident whose apartment as used as a lookout point, told Fox9.

Anderson was taken to the hospital and is reportedly recovering from the noncritical gunshot wound.

After all the commotion, Raleigh was finally apprehended and taken into custody at United Hospital in St. Paul, according to the Pioneer Press. Police records show that Raleigh has previous theft and drug-related convictions.

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