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Black Friday Has Barely Begun, And Chaos Already Erupted At Stores Across The Country

Shoppers across the country lined up early on Thursday in order to get the best deals for Black Friday, and just hours into Friday morning, fights already broke out all over the country as people did whatever they had to do in order to score the hottest items at the lowest prices.

Black Friday is generally associated with chaos and mayhem, and each year, it seems that the day starts earlier and earlier. Many big name stores started their sales early in the evening on Thursday in order to avoid physical altercations and chaos, but as was the case in years past, it seems that the craziness associated with Black Friday can’t really be avoided.

Several videos have already surfaced online showing mass chaos inside Walmart stores across the nation as people fought over items like flatscreen televisions. One video in particular shows shoppers fighting over a particular television, which is reportedly over $100 off the normal price, as police attempt to break up the brawl.

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To add to the chaos of this year’s Black Friday, protesters have decided to interrupt the holiday shopping tradition in the wake of the grand jury decision in Ferguson, Missouri. Reports say that many demonstrators showed up at various Target and Walmart stores across the country to voice their frustration over the decision.

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Still, despite all of the chaos associated with Black Friday, experts still expect holiday sales to grow significantly. The National Retail Federation predicts that sales this year will increase 4.1 percent to $616.9 billion, making it the biggest increase since 2011.

Sources:Daily Mail, Yahoo News, ABC News / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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