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Chaos As Drunk Amateur Bullfighters Take On Raging Bull, Leaving 10 Injured (Video)

At least 10 people were injured after a bull escaped during an annual amateur bullfight in the Ayacucho region of Peru.

According to Reuters, many of the amateur matadors appeared to be drunk during the festivities.

The bull got loose after a drunken ring assistant reportedly untied the safety rope used to protect participants from the animal, causing it to charge towards the crowd and amateur bullfighters.

According to Gawker, the bullfight marked the closing of the Senor Espiritu Santo festival, a celebration that dates back to the 17th Century, and involves people entering the ring to demonstrate courage in front of a raging bull.

The incident was caught on video (below) and shows spectators fleeing to safety; a boy tried to take on the bull before leaping onto a truck to escape.

Spectators jumped through the makeshift ring to help injured bullfighters and drag them to safety. At the end of the video, several men held the ring assistant and was given public lashes for letting the bull escape.

The best part comes about 30 seconds in as a woman pushes her reportedly inebriated husband out of the bull’s way and gives him a smack on the head for attempting to fight the animal.

One lesson to be learned from this incident is that if you mess with the bull, you get the horns, and also get hit in the head by your wife.


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