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Chained Dog Dies in Attack by 200,000 to 300,000 Dangerous Bees (VIDEO)

Here’s another good reason to take dogs off chains. Two family dogs died as a result of an attack by a dangerous swarm of bees that experts say numbered between 200,000 and 300,000 in the hive in Waco, TX. The owners of the dogs said the swarm of bees looked like something out of a movie, reports KXXV News. 

On Monday, around noon, a resident near Baylor and 25th Street was stung several times and called police to report a large swarm of bees. The bees were in the backyard where  three dogs were kept—one of which was chained to the fence.

Officials believe  one of the dogs probably initiated the attack by the bees.

Tri County Pest Management Owner Ozzie Salazar described how the chained dog died in the attack.

“He ended up jumping the fence trying to get away from the bees but unfortunately that was the side that the bees were on and he couldn't go any further because of the chain,” says Salazar.  

When Animal Control and Fire Dept. responders arrived at the house the swarm of bees was so thick they couldn't get into the backyard. 

Waco Police Sgt. Patrick Swanton told KXXV, “it was a dangerous situation…as we got the bee folks out there to help us, they were actually trying to conduct the animal rescue and as they were going into the yard,” says Swanton.

“You could see the bees swarming around the dog they were carrying [and] around the bee keepers." 

The pet owners say one of their dogs was covered in bees and another had been stung 200-300 times. It later died at the vet and a third dog survived by hiding under the car.

Because the bees were so aggressive the hive had to be destroyed, with many of the bees inside it. 

Animal control had to pull out the 50-pound hive by tearing down the walls of the neighbors shed and warned that there will be increased bee activity in this area for the next few days.

Click here for information about what to do if you're swarmed by bees.

Source: KXXV


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