Chad Babin Attacks Woman In Her Driveway Only To Be Confronted By Her Gun-Wielding Family


A woman in Gonzales, Louisiana, is lucky to be alive after an angry stranger approached her in her own driveway and attempted to kidnap her.

The unidentified woman was unloading her car after a shopping trip on Sunday night, when Chad Babin, 46, pulled into her driveway and began screaming at her. Babin said, “You’re coming with me,” and the woman attempted to fight him off as she walked towards her home.

The woman managed to open the front door and fall into her home, taking Babin with her. She screamed so loudly, her husband, who was asleep inside, woke up and grabbed his gun. Upon finding Babin attacking his wife, the man pistol-whipped Babin. The woman’s husband, son and two of her son’s friends were able to subdued Babin, and he laid on the floor, facedown, held at gunpoint by the group. The son and his friends had recently arrived home after a duck hunting trip.

When the police arrived, they transported Babin to a local hospital in order to treat his injuries. After he was discharged, Babin was taken to Ascension Parish Jail on charges of simple battery, simple criminal damage to property, home invasion and simple kidnapping. Bail has not been set for Babin.

Local police are unsure as to why Babin targeted this woman. Prior to this incident, they had never met. Babin lives in St. Amant, Louisiana, about eight miles from where the attack occurred. 

Sources: The Dreamin’ Demon, The Acadiana Advocate / Image via  The Dreamin’ Demon


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