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Central Park Mugger Hands Back Victim’s Flip Phone

There are times when not having a smartphone seems like the most intelligent choice — like while being mugged in Central Park.

Kevin Cook’s cell phone almost got stolen from him in the New York City park in the early hours of Saturday morning — until the armed mugger got a look at his outdated Windows flip phone.

“Once he saw my phone, he looked at it like, ‘What the f-–k is this?’ and gave it back to me,” Cook, 25, told the New York Post.

“It’s like a 3-year-old generation Windows phone,” he said.

Cook, who lives in Brooklyn, was walking in the park with a friend from out of town around 12:30 a.m.

“I guess he didn’t think he could get anything for it,” Cooke added. “It’s kind of humorous.”

“It’s like, finally a pro for having something out of date,” he told CBS New York.

Conveniently, Cook used the cell phone to call the police.

Unfortunately, the armed robber and his accomplice did go for a leather briefcase, another cell phone, debit and credit cards, a passport and $113 in cash from the victims, Gothamist reported.

The police have not caught the suspects, who fled on foot. The incident brings the number of Central Park robberies in 2013 up to 13, the same number as last year.

Sources: New York Post, CBS New York., Gothamist


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