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Central Michigan University Hosts 'Condom Casino Tour' (Video)

Central Michigan University hosted the 'Condom Casino Tour' on Wednesday, which included gambling games such as '5 Card Foreplay Poker' and 'STD Bingo.'

The Condom Casino Tour states on its website: "This highly interactive program, uses casino games and condoms to relate to the 'CAMPUS HOOK UP CULTURE.' This unique combination of casino play masterfully intertwined with topics like safe sex, sexual consequences, sexual choices and sexual identity guarantees to create a compelling and thought provoking evening for any college student."

According to, the Condom Casino bills itself as a “brand new program arousing college campuses across the country" that “is fun, it is fast paced, it is full of surprises and it is certainly a safe bet to sex awareness on any campus!”

In a video (below), a spokesman for the Condom Casino Tour says the tour “doesn’t talk about morals, we don’t talk about ethics."

Central Michigan University did not say how much the event was costing the public university, which is supported with taxpayer dollars.

“The Program Board has decided to bring that is a poker-room type thing … prizes are going to be different kinds of condoms,” a representative from CMU’s Campus Program Board told Campus

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