Cemetery Refuses to Put F-Word on Late Rapper’s Headstone

A Massachusetts cemetery denied a request from the family of rapper Sonny “Uno” Santiago to engrave song lyrics including the F-word on his headstone.

Santiago, 23, died in a February car crash. His family intended to engrave a 3-foot tall headstone with verses from one of his songs. When drawings of the memorial were sent to Pine Grove Cemetery in Lynn, commissioners rejected the design due to profanity.

The inscription would have read: “You gonna remember the damn name, I give a f*** if I die with no damn friends, I got my fam by my side and that’s until the end.”

"We've never had a problem like this before," said commission Chairman Arthur Dulong.

All inscriptions at Pine Grove must meet the approval of commissioners.

Santiago’s sister, Angela Ventola, told city officials that the family would find a different verse, sans profanity, to inscribe on the headstone.

The family violated more cemetery regulations when they took it upon themselves to decorate the grave with rocks and mulch, spanning 3-feet by 8-feet. The white rocks spell out the number “1,” because Santiago’s stage name was “Uno.”

The commission told the family they had two weeks to remove the decoration.

Santiago's mother, Ana DeJesus, said they would remove the rocks and mulch, but the family is not happy about it.

“I feel like we paid for the spot,” she said. “We want to be with him. It's not fair.”

Santiago died Feb. 27. He was laid to rest in Pine Grove in March.

The back of the his head stone will be engraved with a 12-line poem Santiago wrote for his mother.

Sources: WTSP.com, Daily Mail


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