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Cellphone Thief Caught With Selfies, Photos (Video)

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A stolen cellphone in New Orleans has been returned to its owner after the thief who stole it started posting selfies of himself online.

Ben Collier, otherwise known to New Orleans Saints fans as the “Cyborg Saint," found out from his wife that somebody took her iPhone from her car.

“We were like there’s no way we can get it back,” Collier told WGNO. “So let’s just forget about it.”

However, their plans to forget about it changed when the thief’s selfies and photos began popping up on his wife’s new phone through the cloud.

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“I guess he was window shopping, a couple of girls walking down Canal Street, just everyday pictures you would take because you’re bored and playing with your new camera,” he said.

Collier decided to do a little bit of amateur sleuthing, turning to social media with the pictures.

“When I saw the logo on the shirt, you can only make out 2 or 3 letters and you can see a green logo with a black polo short,” he posted on Facebook, along with the pictures of the suspect, “and I said if anybody knows this restaurant or if you can identify this uniform, let me know.”

Soon the manager of the restaurant contacted Collier and informed him that it was his employee’s brother who had his wife’s phone.

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The phone was eventually returned.

“It wasn’t easy but Facebook strikes again. It’s hard to hide from social media,” Collier said.

Many took to Facebook to voice their opinions on the story.

One Facebook user even advised: “Should’ve geo track the pic. Usually it has the coordinates of where the picture was taken. Good job getting it back tho. Time to activate 'Find my iPhone' on settings.”

Source: ABCWGNO on Facebook

Photo Credit: Imgur


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