Cell Phone Video Provides Key Evidence In Ohio Domestic Shooting Case


Disturbing video evidence has emerged in a case of domestic violence that occurred in Chardon, Ohio last year which resulted in a man accidentally shooting his wife. 

According to WKYC and the Geauga County Sherriff’s Department, the incident began when Tony Molchak dropped his daughter off at his ex-wife’s house and got into an argument with his ex-wife’s boyfriend, Gary Schussler. 

The video, shot by Molchak’s current wife Shelley, shows Molchak and Schussler arguing on a lawn in front of the house. Molchak throws a punch at Shussler, who immediately pulls out a gun and threatens Molchak. Molchak retreats behind a van as one of the women is heard yelling, “You got a f***ing gun?” 

Shussler notices Shelley video taping with her cell phone’s camera and he kicks her phone to the ground. 

Shussler also drops his weapon in the process, which Molchak grabs before exclaiming, “I got the gun now!”

Molchak then accidentally fires the weapon, which hits Shelley in the back. 

Both men have now been charged with criminal offenses: Schussler with assault and having a weapon while intoxicated, and Molchak with negligent assault on his wife, WKYC reports. 

Schussler’s attorney Michael Peterson maintains that his client had the right to use his firearm on his own property. 

“[Molchak] came on my client’s property, and my client did what he had to do to protect himself,” Peterson said.  

The case is still pending, but the video evidence clearly demonstrates everything that happened during the incident. 


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