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Cell Doors Of Miami Prison Open, Inmate Jumps From Second Story While Under Attack (Video)

Suspicions of a corrupt prison staff member at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami, Florida are on the rise after the prison cell doors of a maximum security unit were all opened at once for the third time in three months.

Surveillance video (see below) from the prison shows several inmates walking out of their cells the second the doors opened. The inmates immediately move urgently, suggesting that they may have known the doors were going to be opened.

The doors are being released using a “group release” button on the prison’s computer security system. No inmates were harmed the first two times the doors were opened, but surveillance video shows that wasn’t the case this time.

On the video, three men are seen cornering inmate Kenneth Williams. Sensing that he was going to be attacked, Williams is then seen running from the men and jumping over the rail from the second floor of the prison. He fell over 20 feet before breaking his ankle and fracturing his vertebrae.

The attack was likely the result of gang conflict. Williams is the known leader of the New Moneii gang in Miami Dade. Ordinarily, no more than three Inmates of the K-81 maximum security section of the prison are let out of their cells at one time.

A review of the computer system shows that the doors were opened due to an “operator error.” After the first two instances of the K-81 doors opening, prison officials installed a safe button on the jails button panel. To eliminate the possibility of opening the doors on accident, prison guards would have to confirm their selection to “group release” the inmates by pressing a second button. With the doors opening a third time, many suspect that a corrupt guard is releasing the inmates.

William’s lawyer, J.C.  Dugue, said that most prison officers are “good, hard working” people, but added that it’s hard to imagine that someone on the inside did facilitate the opening.

Miami- Dade Corrections Director Tim Ryan shares similar sentiments. Ryan said yesterday that the prison “want(s) to be able to trust our staff,” but acknowledged that the group release “is suspicious.”

Here is the video of the release, including Williams jump from the second floor: 

Sources: Miami-Herald, Daily Mail


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