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Ceiling Collapses At Concert, Hurting 3 (Video)

More than 1,000 people attending a Theory of A Deadman concert in the iconic First Avenue concert venue in Minneapolis, Minnesota, had to be evacuated after a 30-by-30 portion of ceiling collapsed over a balcony, Fox 9 reported. (video below)

Three to four people were hurt and two were taken to the hospital, NBC News reported. Local rock band  3 Pill Morning captured the chaos and posted a video to YouTube.

Todd Johnson told Star Tribune that the musicians suddenly ran off stage after their fourth song as part of the ceiling fell. A minute later, another piece came down and water streamed down. 

The city is now investigating the incident, but several eyewitnesses said they believe a water pipe broke. "You could see water just pouring out,” said concertgoer Michaela Libersky.

"We're working with City Inspectors and structural engineers to discover the reason this happened and how best to reopen safely. Our thoughts and hearts are with those who were injured,” First Avenue said in a statement. "We're proud of our history, dedication to the Twin Cities music community, and the care with which we maintain the building.”

It’s unclear when the venue will reopen. 

Sources: NBC News, Star Tribune, Fox 9 Image via Chris Yunker/Flickr


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