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Cedric Shezi To Leave Prison 10 Years After Daughter’s False Rape Claim

A South Africa man will leave jail on Wednesday after having spent 10 years behind bars because his daughter falsely accused him of rape.

Cedric Shezi was arrested soon after his daughter, Pinky Dube, accused him of the horrible crime and he received a life sentence after being convicted of two counts of rape in 2005. Dube will be waiting to see him when he is released.

“I am very happy my dad is finally being freed," she said. "I am really excited.” The two have only seen each other twice since his conviction.

Shezi, 39, has always said he was innocent of the crime and has attempted to kill himself two times, the Independent Online reported.

Apparently Dube lied about the rape because her mother, who was estranged from Shezi, put her up to it. The girl later told her school principal and social workers that she had been coached what to say and that she did not understand the consequences of her actions. Her mother died in 2007.

Prisoner advocacy group Justice for Prisoners and Detainees Trust has been fighting for Shezi to have his convictions and sentence reviewed.

Dube visited her father in 2009.

“I tried to hide how heartsore I was because he is sitting in jail for something he never did,” she said. “I was young [when she falsely accused her father] and did not know what was going on.”

Sources: Independent Online, World News


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