Cedar Rapids Police Responds To Angry Facebook Posts About Police Cruiser In Handicapped Spot


A viral photo of a Cedar Rapids Police Department cruiser in a handicapped spot does not portray the whole story, police claim. The photo of the car was posted to Facebook and drew hundreds of likes and comments.

According to a statement by the police department in eastern Iowa, the officer was responding to an emergency call regarding a theft.

The statement read, “For obvious reasons we don’t have time to search for an appropriate parking spot; [the officer] parked in the first available spot to respond quickly to the theft.”

The police department reposted the photo on Facebook after the photo was posted elsewhere, with angry comments asking why the car is parked there. The department also added, “Things are not always as they seem.”

The Cedar Rapids police officer parked there in a hurry while responding to a theft at a convenience store. The suspect was arrested and charges are pending.

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However, some are not happy with the police's response. As noted by Mad World News, one Facebook user posted: 

"I wouldn’t call shoplifting an emergency. Once a few years ago my daughter got a bad bloody nose while I was driving. I parked in a handicapped space at a gas station as there were no other spaces available. While I rushed my daughter in to get her to the bathroom to get her bloody nose stopped. When I came out a cop was ticketing me. I tried to explain and the officer said 'handicapped spaces are not for emergency use' and gave me the ticket."

Decide for yourselves whether the police officer's decision to park in the 'first available' spot was justified.

Sources: WHOTV, KCCI News 8, Mad World News / Photo Source: WHOTV


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