CDC Official Kimberly Lindsey: Child Molestation, Bestiality Charges

A disturbing story out of Atlanta, where an official at the Centers for Disease Control has been arrested and charged with child molestation and bestiality.

The Daily Mail reports that Dr. Kimberly Lindsey was picked up on Sunday and charged with two counts of molesting a six-year-old boy and one count of bestiality that did not include the boy.

Her boyfriend, Thomas Westerman, who is a CDC security guard, also faces charges the molestation charges.

The 44-year-old Lindsay has been working at the CDC for 12 years. She is currently the deputy director for the Laboratory Science Policy and Practice Program Office.

Police say they began their investigation into the couple after a medical professional called them with suspicions about a child who may have been molested. During the course of the investigation officers say they discovered photos that led to the bestiality charge.

The CDC would not comment on the case.


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