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CD Shoplifter Cuts Off Guard's Ear With Hatchet

Longview, Washington police spokesman Officer Chuck Davis told the Seattle Weekly that David Morrison, a guard for a Fred Meyer store, saw a 31-year-old unidentified suspect steal four items: a Marilyn Manson CD, a bike inner-tube, a bike lock and a quart of oil.

Morrison attempted to detain the shoplifter, but he pulled out a hatchet.

Officer Davis stated: "He swung at Morrison with hatchet, severing the lower half of his left ear. The ear was recovered and the victim was taken to (Oregon Health & Science University) for surgery to his ear." It's unclear whether doctors were able to reattach Morrison's ear.

Police reportedly know who the suspect is, but are not identifying him yet. The man apparently left the stolen items in a cart after cutting the guard, then he fled in a Honda Accord, which was recovered later and will be searched.


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