CCTV Footage Possibly Shows Amanda Knox Near Her Home On Night Of Murder, Contradicting Her Alibi


Previously unreleased CCTV footage may throw a wrench into Amanda Knox’s alibi that she was at her boyfriend’s home when her roommate was brutally murdered.

An Italian news program just released the video showing a woman who appears to be Knox walking through a parking lot on November 1, 2007, the night of her roommate’s murder. Knox has maintained that she was nowhere near her home when her roommate was killed, but the video shows a woman that looks just like her walking through the parking lot of her complex.

As The Mirror points out, two minutes prior to when Knox crosses the parking lot, another woman who resembles Meredith Kercher, the murder victim, crosses the same lot, heading towards their place of residence.

Both the prosecution and the defense are aware that the video exists, and Barbie Latza Nadeau, who wrote a book about Amanda Knox’s story, says that if it turns out to be true, Knox will likely never be able to prove her innocence.

"If that is Amanda, she proves herself a liar even if she is not a murderess,” said Nadeau.

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Knox, who is American and was studying in Italy when the murder occurred, was sentenced to 28 years in Italian prison after going through a second trial and being found guilty once again. Despite her sentence, she is currently living in the United States.


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