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CBS's "Let's Make a Deal" Exploits Animals


When PETA learned that CBS's Let's Make a Deal was using live animals, including possums, donkeys, pigs, llamas, cows, sloths, and monkeys, as "zonks" (booby prizes), we contacted the producers immediately and asked them to ban the use of live animals on the show.

We pointed out that stage sets—with their bright lights, heavy equipment, loud noises, and boisterous audiences—can be very stressful and traumatic for animals and that many of the animals used on the show are wild and have highly specialized needs.

Monkeys, for example, are extremely social animals who live in groups and lead busy, active, stimulating lives. They belong in the uppermost canopies of forests, not on soundstages. Unfortunately, Let's Make a Deal has continued to treat live animals like props on the show.

The use of animals as "zonks" on Let's Make a Deal makes light of stressful and potentially dangerous situations for animals and propagates the notion that animals are objects that exist solely for our amusement. CBS needs to hear from viewers that using animals for entertainment is unacceptable.

Please contact CBS's senior vice president of daytime programming and express your concerns about the offensive treatment of animals on Let's Make a Deal.

Your local CBS affiliate needs to hear from you as well. Please use this guide to find your affiliate's Web site and contact information, and let them know you're offended by the use of live animals on the show.


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