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CBS Miami Gushes Over Police Using Military-Style Equipment (Video)

A local Miami news station, CBS 4 News, recently gushed over plans for local police to use military-style equipment for Memorial Day Weekend (video below).

Reporter Lauren Pastrana marveled at how cameras are installed throughout Miami as well as "62 light towers, twelve visual messaging boards and three watch towers."

The reporter bragged about the station's "exclusive" on the police department using a LTV, which she described as a "light tactical all-terrain vehicle, similar to the ones used in the military."

"But instead of war zones overseas, cops will use it to protect the city of Miami Beach," said Pastrona.

“This is the only one of its kind,” said a police officer. “There’s no other vehicle like this on the market at this time... We could easily pick up a heat signature on this camera close to 3/4 of a mile away."

Pastrona said the purpose of the military-style gear was to prevent chaos, such as the kind caused by the police shooting of Raymond Herisse two years ago.

Herisse was allegedly driving erratically, which led to his shooting death by police, who are now being sued by his family.

Pastrona did not seem to note any concern that the same police force would be armed with even more high-tech equipment.

On top of all this, Pastrona added that police will also use license plate readers to scan citizens for allegedly driving stolen cars or having felony warrants.

Source: CBS 4 News


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