Caught On Tape: Shopkeeper Fights Off Armed Robber With Beer Cans


A U.K. shopkeeper was able to fight off an armed would-be robber with an unconventional weapon of his own.

Surveillance footage shows the shopkeeper throwing cans of beer at one of the two robbers that stormed into a Bargain Booze store in Ramsbottom, Manchester on Jan. 12.

The video shows one of the robbers striking the shopkeeper on the head while the other makes his way to the cash register. Soon after, one of the shopkeepers, believed to be the storeowner, decided to fight back.

The man can be seen in the video hurling several cans of beer at one of the suspects, leading them both to run away.

Authorities are still searching for the suspects and are investigating whether or not they are also tied to other robberies in the area.

One of the men is described to be in his 20s, approximately 6 feet tall, with a slim build. He was wearing a white “V for Vendetta” mask, a black tracksuit and blue jeans.

The other man is believed to be slim, and was wearing dark grey Adidas hooded top.

The would-be robbers were probably luckier than some who also happen to rob the wrong people. One storeowner in Irvington, Ala. with a shotgun pointed to his head quickly turned the tables on his assailant by bringing out his own gun and going after him. The wounded robber was found about 25 minutes later and taken to the hospital.

Watch the Jan. 12 incident below.

Source: Sky News, The Blaze


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