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Tiny Dog Defends Home Against Burglar (Video)

A burglar was caught on surveillance camera having an intense run-in with what you’d think is a vicious dog, but is actually a tiny Yorkshire Terrier.

The clip was first posted on Reddit under the title, “Burglar stopped by the most brutal dog he has ever seen!” and has already amassed 4,230 points on the website. In the clip, the purported burglar is seen walking around the backyard of a home. As he’s snooping around, he goes out of frame briefly before he’s seen again, this time running for his life as a tiny Yorkshire Terrier chases him towards the fence. The man jumps over the fence and out of the yard as the dog seems to celebrate its heroic act.

The Yorkie itself is a fairly harmless breed, but this burglar is clearly not a dog person and apparently didn’t want anything to do with the animal.

“The cute little spin the dog did at the end is the cherry on top,” noted one Reddit user.

On YouTube, the video has garnered over 127,000 views in under a day.

Reports say that the man was arrested four days after the incident and police have claimed that he suffers from an abnormal fear of dogs – also known as cynophobia.

Sources: The Daily Mirror, Irish Mirror, Reddit / Photo Sources: The Daily Mirror, FanPop


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