Caught On Camera: 13-Year-Old Girl Fights Bully (Video)


An Iowa grandmother says she was shocked and deeply saddened when she first saw a video of her 13-year-old granddaughter being beaten by a bully at school.

Debbie Monahan says he granddaughter Jasmine was suspended from school for “disorderly conduct” following the incident, which was captured on cell phone camera. In the disturbing footage, however, the 13-year-old is being beaten by the bully, and Monahan says her granddaughter was just defending herself after years of abuse.

“I get goosebumps knowing that she could have gotten really hurt,” Monahan told WHO. “Jasmine was trying to defend herself; why should she stand there and get the heck beat out of her? All I know is that my granddaughter has to see a probation officer and the other girls don’t have to.”

Fort Dodge School District Superintendent Doug Van Zyl defends the decision, noting that everyone involved in the fight was disciplined.

“It’s not always our role in my opinion; if parents are being involved and helping monitor that,” Zyl said. “It’s a partnership. It’s the schools and parents partnership to help deal with that situation.”

Still, Monahan says she’s furious with the school and wishes they had handled it differently.

Source: WHO News


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