Cats Rescued From Close Calls


PETA's cruelty caseworkers have been up to their ears averting kitty catastrophes recently. Here is just a sampling of the cats they've helped:

A cat who had been stuck high in a tree for days in Splendora, Texas, is now safe in a foster home, thanks to PETA's intervention. 

In Queens, New York, PETA staffers quickly got this litter of kittens, who had been thrown from a moving vehicle, sheltered. The kittens are now thriving in loving foster homes.

In Christoval, Texas, PETA staffers worked with local law enforcement to get a litter of feral kittens off the streets and into an animal shelter. One of the kittens was suffering from a painful, severely infected eye like the kitten in this photo.

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post


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