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Cat's Paw Can Unlock iPhone 5S (Video)

One of the more talked about features of the new iPhone 5S is how it can store an unique fingerprint, which unlocks the cell phone when a user touches their finger on the home button.

The Touch ID sensor in the iOS 7 operating system of the iPhone 5S can determine if the fingerprint belongs to the owner or a registered user.

If Apple's fingerprint recognition technology sounds a bit geeky and intimidating, keep in mind that it is simple enough to be used by a cat.

TechCrunch recently tested the iPhone 5S' Touch ID sensor with a cat's paw to see if it would unlock the gadget (video below).

After a few misses, the cat's paw was able to unlock the newest iPhone.

TechCrunch also registered different parts of the human body as Touch ID profiles, including the heel of the wrist, which worked. 

However, when TechCrunch tried to use the opposite wrist, access was denied.

The Touch ID sensor can also replace your App Store password when buying music, apps or ebooks.

Apple says the Touch ID sensor is designed to provide "accurate readings from any angle, so the motion to unlock your device ought to be as automatic as it is now."

Your fingerprint, or paw print, is stored in the iPhone 5S' chip, not on an Apple server or iCloud.

Source: TechCrunch


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