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Cathy Areu: What Whiny Feminism Looks Like

Cathy Areu is the quintessential feminist: hopelessly insecure — and just plain mad. Ms. Areu made headlines this week for referring to Sarah Palin as “Larry the cable guy — minus the class and intelligence.” Well, why not. She had to say something to get the spotlight. Areu is a self-described workaholic who craves attention — and, in her opinion, Sarah Palin’s getting too much. Sarah Palin, she says, is a phony.

Ms. Areu, however, is the real deal. She’s attractive, an author, a speaker, a pundit, and a journalist — and the publisher of Catalina Magazine, a Latina magazine whose readership claims at least 1.5 million. One might ask what would make a woman with all that so angry? And the answer is simple: There is simply no end to the plethora of emotions that envelop feminists and make them foam at the mouth.  They are a ball of emotions — and any woman who doesn’t speak to their cause is a target for said emotions.

Areu’s comment landed her on O’Reilly last night. When O’Reilly asked what her “beef” with Sarah Palin is, Areu says,

“I arrived at it because I feel she does present herself as Larry the Cable Guy. ‘I’m your next-door neighbor. I’m your Sarah Sixpack. I can drink beer with you.’ And I don’t believe she is. I believe she eats caviar and drinks champagne. I don’t believe she’s a neighborhood Larry the Cable Guy even though she wants us to believe that.”

That’s four “believes.” Four. Areu doesn’t know what Sarah Palin is like, but she doesn’t believe she’s for real. Hhm, I wonder why that might be. Could it be that you don’t trust anyone who doesn’t share your politics?

Of course Areu is perfectly entitled to think Palin is a phony — even if she does arrive at her conclusion without doing her research. Any study of Sarah Palin’s life — one could begin with Going Rogue, though there’s plenty of material elsewhere — proves Palin has not lived a charmed life. Alaska is not a place most modern women would survive. It’s a very hard life. That Sarah Palin has made a lot of money this past year doesn’t change the fact that Palin has, until now, lived like “regular folks.” Had she been born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Areu’s comments might hold more merit. But that is not the case.

Nevertheless, Areu says she believes (there’s that word again) that money changes a person. In fact she becomes physically agitated when discussing how she believes economics affect people. When O’Reilly points out that Areu “thinks Palin is a diva,” (which Areu concedes), he asks her if she has anything to back up this assertion. Her answer?

“She’s made 12 million dollars since July.”

When O’Reilly said just because you make a lot of money it doesn’t mean you’re a diva, Areu says,

“C’mon. She’s not watching her pennies anymore. She’s not standing in the WalMart line LIKE I AM.”

And there it is in a nutshell: jealousy.  It’s an ugly emotion, one feminists know well. To deal with their inherent insecurity, women like Areu will do whatever it takes to bring down successful conservative women. They have to — because their arguments can’t stand on their own. You have to bring down the other side when you have nothing better to offer.

Case in point. When O’Reilly tells Areu he makes a lot of money but doesn’t eat caviar, Areu whines (and I mean quite literally whiiines), “But you could.” When he says he hasn’t changed from his upbringing in Levittown, NY, that his values are still solidly middle class, she says with anger,

“You are NOT standing in the Wal-Mart line waiting for the next cashier to open!”

When he concedes he doesn’t stand in line at WalMart but says his mentality is there, that he’ll “buy the WalMart stuff and doesn’t need Tiffany’s,” Areu whines again (again, quite literally),

“But you could go to Tiffany’s. You could.”

This poor child.

In a final attempt to get Areu to exit with some measure of grace, O’Reilly says regardless of what Areu may think of Palin, she has to admit Palin’s popular. He points out that she had a very high approval rating as governor of Alaska — to which Areu responds, “Yeah, and then she quit.”

Bring her down. Bring her down. Bring her down.

When O’Reilly said the numbers speak for themselves, Areu concedes that “people like her.” Then, with a quick roll of the eyes and shrug of the shoulders she adds, “She’s pretty. She looks good.”

Indeed, Sarah Palin can do nothing right. Nothing. And when feminists are out of material, they dig and dig to come up with something, anything — and at the moment it’s that Palin made too much money this year. Hm, the Obamas earned $5.5M — and Obama wasn’t raised with a silver spoon either. According to Areu’s logic, then, Obama can’t relate to the people. He just doesn’t get it because he doesn’t stand in line at WalMart like Areu does.

Where’s the outrage about Obama’s millions? Oh, I forgot. Obama’s a feminist.


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