Spring Break Rapists Get 10 Years Behind Bars


Two Panama City, Florida, men were sentenced to 10 years in prison for raping an unconscious girl in broad daylight on a beach.

Ryan Calhoun, 24, and Delonte Martistee, 23, appeared in court on Oct. 21 for the 2015 incident, which went viral internationally after it was filmed and posted online, according to the Daily Mail. The clip showed the two men raping the girl while she was passed out on a beach chair, as a group of bystanders on vacation watched. 

The victim told authorities she thought she was drugged because she couldn’t recall what happened.

In September, the men were convicted of sexual battery by multiple perpetrators, a first-degree felony. A judge sentenced both men to 10 years in prison for the crime and required them to register as sex offenders and sexual predators. 

“This act was encouraged by the crowd and unbelievably by the victim’s boyfriend, but there is no excuse for your actions,” Judge James Fensom said in court, Panama City News Herald reported.

“This incident was reprehensible and, on your part, a big mistake…" Fensom added. "It is fortunate we no longer have the Spring Break atmosphere we had in the past.”

Martistee’s mother said she was relieved that her son didn’t get the maximum sentence, but was disappointed in his crime.

“I just lost my only son,” Cynthia Sullivan said. “I wish things could turn back, but as a parent you have to accept what happens and be there for your child.”

Calhoun and Martistee were students at Troy University in Alabama and had promising futures, but that wasn’t enough for the judge to let them off easy with probation. 

“Everything about this makes my skin crawl -- my daughter’s actions and those of these two men,” the victim’s stepmother wrote in a letter read by prosecutors in court. “There needs to be a statement about rape culture. This is not OK.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Panama City News Herald / Photo credit: Instagram via Daily Mail 

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