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Catholic School Principal Admits To Stealing $87K In Donations

The former principal of a North Carolina Catholic high school admitted to spending more than $87,000 in donations.

The Charlotte Catholic High School Foundation informed donors in a letter this week that Jerry Healy made a significant number of unauthorized transactions.

“He admitted making personal use of funds held by the foundation,” the letter said.

The foundation hired an outside accountant to investigate the missing funds and “uncovered a significant number of irregular and unauthorized transactions made by two former diocesan employees.”

Healy allegedly spent more than $47,000 on personal expenses and signed more than $40,000 in checks to families who did not have children at the school, the Charlotte Observer reports.

Healy, who was principal for 11 years, resigned from his position less than a month ago. He worked in the Charlotte Catholic school system for 44 years.

Healy’s attorney Bob McDonnell said the foundation failed to establish a procedure for how money would be allocated.

“The excess funds were used to help the Charlotte Catholic family,” McDonnell said in a statement Thursday. “From Mr. Healy’s vantage point, the Charlotte Catholic family included the students, their parents, alumni and their families, and teachers and staff. Once you were a part of the Charlotte Catholic family, you were always a part of the family.”

The letter did note that Healy “has, without question, helped many families in need over the years.”

Healy would not provide details on “checks written to himself, family members and others.”

Sources/Photo Sources: My Fox 8Charlotte Observer


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